Carrefour jeunesse-emploi - Cote-des-Neiges


The CJE CDN, like other CJE in Quebec, is a highly original and unique institution of its territory. This is a community organization founded in 1997 and serving youth 16 to 35 years in the territory of Côte-des-Neiges, Outremont and Mount Royal. It provides free services to provide advice and information to young people looking mainly for work or appropriate training. These services are neither public nor private but community and the CJE is controlled by a Board of Directors that is representative of the social forces of the environment. Indeed, the Council consists of representatives from various constituencies (youth, agency staff, the education community, business, semi-public services, community organizations and professionals).
There are 20 CJES on Montreal Island and 111 on the entire territory of Quebec. The CJES all have the same mission, but are free to develop service programs to the needs of their environment and demands of young people. They are established in a territory following an extensive consultation with agencies in that area and conclude at the very end to a form of programming to implement.
Funding for CJES Quebec was made possible following a decision by the Premier of Quebec, Jacques Parizeau in 1995. His government has insisted that young people approach social and professional can provide support services designed and delivered primarily by professionals and young people.
The CJES have a stable staff from five to fifteen people and can promote new programs either by self-financing or by applying to other funders.
The ECJ CDN in 2010 has a permanent staff of 13 people with an additional thirty contractors employed in several projects.

The service of research and development of ECJ CDN

Among the services and programs located in ECJ CDN is Research and Development. From the foundation of the organization, officials CJE held that the activities of local knowledge, people and their needs are taken.
And this was done through research partnerships with academic and public, through the implementation of small works at the beginning and the management of studies and more ambitious.
Faced with the lack of dedicated research services to community organizations, or often prohibitive costs of these studies, or the slowness of the achievements of these studies, the CJE decided after three years of efforts to take various measures. These are designed to meet their needs and also to other community organizations among which are part of the CJE's rest of Quebec.
Strong research achievements appreciated, the ECJ CDN was chosen to be a combination of social research services. A consortium of public, municipal and community was formed under the coordination of CJE CDN. It was to collect enough money to buy data from Statistics Canada as part of a program established by the Canadian Council on Social Development. This program is called the CSDS (Access Strategy Community Social Data).
CSDS program allowed the Montreal community to establish a forum for researchers, attached to some public institutions and other community organizations. This grouping also allowed many experts formed by the Universities of Quebec mainly associated with the implementation of research projects. It is in this context that social research courses are offered to professionals from our universities.

Projects of 2010-2012 at CJE CDN